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ADAD (Advanced Advertising) is an advertising company specialized in marketing solutions through its different magic platform. With ADAD, the eye has the luxury of time to explore and see not only the forest but the individual trees as well.
Vision: Global-Eyezing U : ADAD is committed to providing clients with high credibility & visibility to the global marketplace, guided by its innovative projects and the spirit of luxury, adding value to the corporation in which we serve.
Mission: ADAD promotes innovative projects and new perspectives in marketing solutions, grounded in appreciation and respect for diverse cultures and UAE values.


Memorable Photo Opportunity (MPO)

Mabrouk/ Congratulations congratulations

Customize & personalize the event’s pictures and making a stand which express the celebration and joy Such as “congratulations for UAE national day”,” Congratulations for the new year” “Congratulations for the graduated students”, “Congratulations for your birthday or wedding”

I support

Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which expresses the support of a population toward a global case such as: “I support the breast cancer”, “I support the women day”,”I support Real Madrid” “I support special needs person “

I’m against i-am-against

Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which expresses the rejection of population toward a certain cases such as: “I’m against littering”, “I’m against smoking”,” I’m against speeding “

Hashtag hashtag

Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which expresses the full support of some selected hashtag such as :”# pray for Paris”, “# celebrate the national day”,”# support the commemoration day”


Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which is designed for a wedding corner such as: “Wedad Salma& Said”, “Wedad flowers”, “Wedad Cinderella chair”,” Wedad Al Shamsi & Al jabri”



Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which deliver a welcoming message to toward people such as: “Marhaba this is your home ”, “Marhaba Global Village”, “Marhaba new students”, “Marhaba Dubai festival shopping”


Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which celebrate public or private events for the kids such as: “Kids store”, “Kids happy birthday”, “Kids games”, “Kids characters “


Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which is provided to VIP places or VIP personalities such as: “ VIP Sport star stand”,”VIP Singer”, “VIP hotel”

ilikeI like

Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which expresses the satisfaction of the clients toward shops, brands, statements or famous people such as:”I like dominos pizza”, “I like Dior”, “I like Victor Hugo”

i-am-atI’m at

Customize & personalize the pictures and making a stand which documents the presence of the people in some touristic places in UAE such as: “I’m at Burj Khalifa”, “I’m at JBR Beach”, “I’m at the great mosque of Sheikh Zayed” , “I’m at Apple bees”

Indoor Signage

A powerful mean of advertising with strong visual and sound presence aiming to capture attention of walk in customers covering 180 degrees angle due to the positioning of dual screen in a sales strategic spot.

The display monitors was proven effective, efficient, and guarantees the increase of sales.

Advertising Solutions

ADAD give your business a unique identity that reflects your vision, goals, and persona as a business, and excites and attracts your target audience with the perfect chemistry of design elements, we provide you with an online presence such a video or slide show ads and SMS platform as well.


Customer experience has to be exciting now. The holographic effects we have only seen on sci-fi movies are technologically-possible as an advertising medium. ADAD can produce 3D floating data and images that can be manipulated in real time. Heliodisplays combine the use of our patented as well as proprietary technology to produce mid air display in a complete package including the proprietary projector and base unit in which the image is seen from the front. The system does not require any additional equipment to function and can run continuously or temporarily. Since there is no physical screen and the image is rendered mainly using the ambient air as well as a small tank using no special chemicals or harmful affects to the environment.You can put your hand through the image, walk through it or pass objects through the image as it is in mid-air. These interactive 3D holograms of products or services can be presented inside supermarkets, malls, special events, and other points-of-sale.



More Services

Website Development

We love to create colourful versions of your vision – eye catching graphics, amazing designs and picture perfect layouts with clear perceptive navigation. 

With our passion for the web and a distinctive style, we help building brands for businesses and individuals.  From static to database integrated Internet sites and e-commerce enabled Enterprise sites, we deliver quality on-line presence, at competitive prices. 

Software Development

Professional Software Development is what we are into. Over the years, we have evolved into a professional Software development Company with expertise in providing software development support for secure, high performance, web based applications.  

Our expertise is in web-based, distributed or standalone applications designed to meet your specific requirement and business needs. Let the requirement be dynamic web apps, web sites, portals, maintaining web presence, or SEO ideas, our software development team handles it with ease.

E-commerce Solutions

By facilitating trading through computer network we bring online experience into the real world, paving way to the development of the economy and strengthening trust between business and customers.  Through our e-commerce web solutions we introduce you to a more entertaining, exciting and vivid purchasing experience. 

Our E-commerce Web solutions are bespoke and involve everything from digital content to ordering conventional goods and services to “meta” (other types of E-commerce) service.

Mobile Apps Development

Looking for an app for your business? We have perfect mobile solutions to suit your every business need.  Our engaging interactive web app brings life and spark to your webpage, transforming your ideas into opportunities.      

We are in the business of designing and developing feature rich mobile apps specializing in e-commerce, educational, enterprise and utility services.  We have proved our mettle creating world class mobile apps for IOS and Android platform. 

Custom Software solutions

We develop tailor made software, including the customer’s particular preference and expectations.  Developing custom software needs a deep understanding and utmost care in every step of the process, taking into account all possible hidden complexities and nuances.

We are committed to offer effective, unique and profitable custom software solutions on time, on quality and on budget, irrespective of the size of your Company.  The customized solution enables organizations to address gaps in the commercial applications, and business process, for which no turnkey apps are available in the market.   

Multimedia Services

One of the important developments in the worldwide communications marketplace is the Multimedia Services – a blend of video with voice and text applications.

Adding video streams for service providers greatly enhance business solutions. We are a team of experts with rich know-how in handling market segment trends, key multimedia standards and technical components to deliver faster and cost effective Multimedia services. Some of the services offered are Animation Videos, Company Presentation videos, Web designing, Graphic Designing, Logo/Brochure designing, 2D, 3D designs.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about integrating digital into all facets of marketing. It refers to advertising delivered through digital channel such as websites, search engines, social media, e-mail and mobile Apps. Some of our Digital marketing services are SEO, SMM, Content writing etc.



Digital social media has become a part of everyone’s life and it’s something that influences their daily life. It has played a big role with how people interact with each other and it’s something that is not slowing down. As marketing solutions become more central to the business, companies are permanently looking for new solutions that drive measurable business value and can be significantly standardized because it’s critical that everyone has the same perspective of what a solution is. We bring new innovative services and ensure the creation of the right marketing solutions components.

Combining the expertise of a large dedicated team from UAE, India, USA and China, ADAD adds to the validity of distributed information. It has many innovative projects which take the customers to the higher level of success and joy. Our solutions came from a deep research on the world’s markets, providing a new era of services and driven approach that make the interaction between all the market entities more transparent and effective.

ADAD is specialized in providing customize selfie designs, indoor signage and advertising solutions. We work with the world’s leading technology, communications and professional services providers to generate increased demand, strengthen customer relationships and improve brand differentiation.


Al bateen st, Alaseel Tower, 4th floor P.O. Box: 29174, Abu Dhabi – UAE. Ph: +971 2 555 6668 Email:

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